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Jiaqi Zhang

I'm very grateful that Flyhigh Talent helped me to get my first job offer. My consultant in Flyhigh Talent provided very constructive advices to not only my current situation, but my future career path as well.


Chris Xiao

I am an international student, and I was traped at a stupid loser company. I tried 8 months to change job, but I failed. Until I knew FlyHigh from my school alumni, they helped me to get a job in a company with amazing company culture. This feels like a magic!


Wendy Han

I was desperately looking for jobs after graduation. FlyHigh Talent gave me hope! It’s a very resourceful Company with a professional attitude. They really know about the needs and challenges international students face in US. Highly Recommend!

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We provide professional career consulting services to help you determine where you want to start your career.
Career Consulting
1 hr
We provide comprehensive human resource solution consulting for any type of company.
HR Solution Consulting
1 hr
Prices Vary
FlyHigh Talent provides visa consultations to both international students and domestic companies to ensure that both parties understand the process.
Status Consulting
1 hr
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